Conversion Therapy Practices in Malaysia

In 2020, we worked with the Asia Pacific Transgender Network and SEED Foundation to document the experiences of trans people with conversion practices. 

We interviewed thirteen trans people (six trans men and seven trans women) and eight key informants, which included activists, a psychologist, lawyers, and progressive Islamic scholars. Of the thirteen trans people interviewed, eight (62%) stated that a parent or parental figure (e.g. a foster parent) had tried to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, whereas four (31%) mentioned that they had been subjected to conversion therapy practices either by religious authorities or a religious institution. Seven (54%) trans people mentioned being subjected to conversion therapy practices by multiple sources. 

The report recommends a number of reforms and actions, including a full investigation of harms resulting from conversion therapy practices in the Malaysian context, and an independent scholastic review of Islamic jurisprudence on trans people in Malaysia.