Global health solutions with local relevance

Matahari is a global health research and policy group
working on integrating Global South expertise in global health initiatives.

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Who are Matahari?

A team of experts across the global health world working to deliver sustainable global health solutions informed and led with Global South expertise.

Our Work

Our work draws upon decades of multidisciplinary global health expertise and meaningful co-creation with Global South actors in building intuitive organizational strategies, producing in-depth analysis, increasing visibility on in-country access to health challenges, and conducting robust monitoring and evaluation of global health projects.

Global Health Analysis

Building a comprehensive understanding of socio-economic and human rights

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Harness Civil Society Expertise

Helping global health agencies meaningfully partner with civil…

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Develop Intuitive Organisational Strategies

Develop intuitive organisational strategies

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Designing comprehensive monitoring and evaluation systems to effectively and equitably manage health systems.

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At Matahari, we work daily towards anti-racist global health architecture. Our joint submission with @_ARASAcomms to the Special Rapporteur for Health describes racism in global health and what must be done to remedy it. @xiaogi pic.twitter.com/GnEzquP0CH
We are hiring! Local community research consultant based in Nigeria wanted for @ITPCglobal project to map access to COVID-19 tools. Apply by 17 May 2022. pic.twitter.com/RLCKzZcqPy
On recrute! pic.twitter.com/4UuWfHh25L
The @Unitaid-funded CaP-TB advocacy small grants catalysed real change in paediatric TB, including elimination of consultation fees (DRC) & deployment of community scorecards (Zimbabwe). We were pleased to support @EGPAF in evaluating this work: bit.ly/3MmsrEE pic.twitter.com/DRPbTDXwZj
Insufficient multi-year support for TB and human rights threatens access to all-oral regimens and testing for TB communities. See GCTA report at this link, with discussions supported by @MatahariGlobal: drive.google.com/file/d/1ATEzDE…
The Journey Continues _ Collective Learnings and Challenges of Communities.pdf The Journey Continues _ Collective Learnings and Challenges of Communities.pdf
Numa unidade básica de saúde em Petrópolis, Brasil, há uma longa espera para realizar testes para diagnóstico da Covid-19. O Brasil não permite o auto-teste. Acesso ao auto-teste é um direito que ajuda pessoas a tomarem decisões sobre seus corpos. pic.twitter.com/OmaYhEFd0W
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